Nick Grant – “The Switch Up” Official Performance | Vevo

Nick Grant – “The Switch Up” Official Performance | Vevo The Switch Up” Official Performance & Meaning | Vevo Nick Grant says he wants to make music that brings a classic vibe, like Biggie or Andre 3000. Good goal, and it sounds like he’s succeeding. The South Carolina native has been impressive from the get-go – even when he was droppin’ mixtapes like ’88’ – and in the last year he’s toured with Nas, earned some love from the critics, and bumped up the fierce eloquence of his tracks. ‘Return of the Cool’ had lots of people talking, and the new ‘Dreamin’ Out Loud’ is even more on point. With standouts like “’96 Bulls” and “Black Woman” leading the charge, Grant’s fierce poetry speaks for itself. We invited him to come in and spit “The Switch Up” from the album. He did, and there’s a deep intensity to the performance. Share it with a rap fiend. Producer: Priya Minhas Director: Micah Bickham Watch Nick Grant videos: Watch new hip-hop videos: Vevo Nick Grant Twitter: Instagram: Facebook:

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