Mick Jenkins has been on the radar for a very long time now. Earlier last year he released his debut album, The Healing Component which received really high praise from many people in the industry. The Chicago artist is known for his immaculate pen writing skills. Jenkins is one of the purest rappers in todays game, with his immense flow and his unique cadences the Chicago rapper has created a full package for himself.

Today, Jenkins is back with a new track titled, “A Layover.” Since releasing his album Jenkins has been constantly moving from place to place. With this track, Mick goes into a dark place to talk about all the things he has been dealing with and encountering, while being on the road. The production on the track is suitable for Jenkins to easily discuss these things, because the feel of the production is very hazy and dark. THEMPeople are credited for the production on this track, and they have worked with Jenkins for a very long time crafting and building one another.

Listen to the new track by Mick Jenkins below.

Source: Sways Universe by Isaiah Williams

Mick Jenkins Continues To Demonstrate His Effortless Flow In His New Track, “A Layover”

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