Written by Zaida Diaz

Paul Anthony and Bow-Legged Lou of the Grammy award-winning hip-hop group Full Force joined us on today’s segment with Kelly Kinkaid to talk about health, spirituality, and the new film “Jason’s Letter.”

Anthony opened up about overcoming different types of cancer including mantle cell lymphoma, myelodysplastic syndrome, and acute myeloid leukemia. He emphasized the importance of having a positive mindset before even receiving treatment. “The moment I found out I started going to work internally and energetically before I got to the doctors.” He calls Lou his “life saving bone marrow donor champion” for directly helping him fight cancer through a stem cell transplant.

As a member of the Moffitt Cancer Center’s National Board of Advisors, Anthony hopes to bring a fresh perspective and provide his expertise to the organization.

Lou and Anthony brought along director and writer Terrance Tykeem to speak on his latest film, “Jason’s Letter” about a police brutality in America.

Source: Sways Universe by Nicky G

First Aid with Kelly Kinkaid: Full Force Speaks on Beating Cancer 3x + New Film “Jason’s Letter”

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