The Compton native wordsmith known as Kendrick Lamar is back. Today he again pairs up with the good folks over at Reebok for something new for our viewing enjoyment. Today we get our first look as Reebok Classic & Kendrick Lamar Launch The New “Hold Court” Campaign. Following the success of the Reebok Classic X Kendrick Lamar Club C Capsule January release, the brand continues to celebrate the iconic sneaker with a campaign that pays homage to its roots and status.

Below we find the next step in Kendrick’s FW16 Classic Leather campaign as acclaimed director Nabil captures Kendrick on 35mm film to honor both the Club C and Kendrick’s commitment to authenticity and originality. The short films find Kendrick paying tribute to the Club C while providing some eye-catching shots in the process. Check out the clips below and speak your thoughts on it after the jump. Stay Tuned for much more from Reebok Classic and Kendrick Lamar coming very soon.

Source: Sways Universe by Jesse James

Reebok Classic & Kendrick Lamar Launch The New “Hold Court” Campaign

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