Growing up in London Jack Huston grew into his love for film at a young age. Of course the business ran in his blood with his aunt Anjelica Huston starring countless roles, but Jack’s love for movies brought him to America to appear in “Twilight” and “Boardwalk Empire.” Now re-making a classic in “Ben-Bur,” the London native joined the Sway in the Morning studios to sit down with the crew.

Speaking on his role in “Boardwalk Empire,” Huston tells Sway he sent in a tape from London and was called for the part the next day. Playing an interesting character to say the least Huston jokes about how he broke his heart as the series went on.

Asked about pressure to become an actor with his rich family history Huston says that his passion for film outweighed any pressure that may have been around as he grew older. Going into the history of his new film “Ben-Hur,” it’s fairly obvious that Huston is a student of the game. Rattling off different facts about how the story originally came together over 130 years ago he explains how this film differs from the 1959 version which scored 11 Academy Awards.

With the 1959 version being known for its epic chariot racing scene, Huston talks about training for four months to be able to ride a chariot being propelled by four horses. Having known how to ride horses since he was a child he jokes that chariots are a whole other ball game. Revealing that there is no CGI in the chariot scene he says no one was hurt during the filming, badly at least.

Starring alongside Morgan Freeman, Huston speaks on the legacy that he carries with him. Joking that often times meeting your idols is a let down, he says working with Freeman was quite the opposite. Making difficult shoots easier he says Freeman memorized an entire monologue in 10 minutes, after filming his take without a mistake Huston forgot his response line in awe of what Freeman had just done.

Before leaving Huston sticks his hand in Sway’s mystery sack and says he wouldn’t take any money from Donald Trump to make a film. Watch above and make sure to head to theaters on August 19th to catch “Ben-Hur.” You can keep up with Jack Huston on Twitter @thejackhuston.

Source: Sways Universe by Taylor Lovaas

Jack Huston on the History of “Ben-Hur” and How The New Film Differs From the Original, Learning to Race Chariots & Working with Morgan Freeman

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