During the Joel Osteen and Sway partnered Generation for Hope project, we were blessed with a few local talents with unique voices. First up was Stephanie J Pride (@StephanieJPride) who used her beautiful voice to lift HIS name in front of a packed house, everyone there to have a good time and give glory.

After a great live performance, Sway joined her on stage for a quick conversation explaining why she chose to use her gift of music in the way that she does. “I just like to connect the hearts of people to the heart of GOD” there is probably not a better answer and as the conversation continues you can see the joy knowing that it’s truly genuine.

Following her performance, Christon Gray took the crowd’s mood from swaying with hands held high to a pumped up vibe fueled by his creative singing and rapping mixture. The Cleveland native had several labels chasing after him but it was inevitably Kirk Franklin that felt like his best fit. After releasing his latest album ‘Glory‘ it seems like the goal as he continues to use his gift of singing to glorify GOD.

Check out his performance and interview during an incredible Generation for Hope experience.

Source: Sways Universe by Larry Simmons Jr

Stephanie J Pride and Christon Gray Lift Their Voices to Glory During Generation of Hope Project Live Performances

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