Leading the charge against mental illness music mogul Shanti Das has created her own campaign called Silence The Shame. Joining Sway in the Morning alongside Dr. Sherry Blake, Das opens up about her battle with mental illness and how a few tweets opened her eyes to the influence her conversation was having on people.

Opening up about the stigma or mental health and people being embarrassed to seek counseling, Das, along with Dr. Sherry open up about mental health being just as, if not more important than physical health.

The two give advice to callers and expand on their knowledge of how to get help and help friends and family members who are struggling.

Listen below and head to www.silencetheshame.com for more information.

Source: Sways Universe by Taylor Lovaas

First Aid With Kelly Kinkaid: Shanti Das and Dr. Sherry Speak on Mental Illness and the Silence The Shame Campaign

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